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Sahel Beauty

Sahel Beauty channels their knowledge and artistry as threading and cosmetic tattoo professionals, specialising in HD brows, micropigmentation and permanent makeup.

Sahel Beauty

NameSahel Beauty
AddressShop 2/9 Palmer St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone0469 730 421

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I drove 25min to this place to get some information and ideas on eyebrow microblading but when I got the there they were closed and there was no sign to say that they have moved, a client of mine recommended me to this place and to be honest this isn’t professional in anyway

Wasted my time

Please think about your customers and at least change your address on google or say that’s its permanently closed @parramatta


This lady was quite awful in skill when doing eyelash extensions. She stuck way too many volume lashes as it saved time and glued my eyes shut they tried to pry it open with her prongs but it really hurt. She also kept on talking over me to answer the phone or door rather than hire a receptionist. This meant she left to go somewhere else lot of times wasting the clients time. Also this is isn't a personal attack but having to answer the phone or talking over the client to someone at the door meant I could smell her bad breath. This is before covid and I just realised how bad the service is as I just took an eyelash extension course and there is a lot she didn't do.

There also seems to be a lot of fake reviews because almosy all her 5 star reviews don't detail the specific service.


After visiting Sahel Beauty salon, I experienced best customer service. I have visited many places to have my eyebrows feathered, but none did a good lasting job. Sahel is very professional and a lovely person inside out, she took her time to correct my eyebrows and gave me the look I always wanted. The only person I would recommend in sydney to visit for your beauty treatment it would be ( SAHEL)


Customer service is really bad. Made me wait half an hour in her shop till she got back from the shops. The ink she uses for eyebrow tattoo does not seem like good quality, isn't long lasting. I just got my eyebrows redone and they have faded into a very light brown (only been a week). She was playing on and off her phone when she was in the middle of tattooing my eyebrows, this is so unprofessional. If she ran this business with some passion, she would do much better.

Response to your answer: Actually i had to wait 30 minutes for you to come from the shops - i had no numbing cream on at this time, after waiting for you to arrive, i got the numbing cream on which i had to then wait another 40 minutes... also it was you/the owner who did my eyebrows that kept making phone calls and leaving in the middle of working on my eyebrows to answer your calls at the back. There should be no excuse for this lack of professionalism. To succeed in any business you need to ensure you have your people skills and make sure you keep your customers happy. Unfortunately, i have been unhappy with the results and your lack of people skills/ professionalism.


I am one happy customer I had my eyebrows tattooed and plasma done to my eyelids and I feel amazing I recommend Sahel to everyone I see because she truly knows her work and teachers her students along the way her amazing techniques I will be coming back again 100% as I was treated so nicely and I’m very pleased with the outcome I have had so many compliments I wish your salon a great success 🙌🏻🙌🏻


I have had the best experience with skin needling with amazing results and have come back to touch up on my eyebrows after getting them microbladed somewhere else. She has fixed my brows and they are even and amazing. I am so grateful thank you best service!!!


I must say, sahel is one of the best training providers I've been to. Thank you for a great experience and knowledge you shared with me. I left every class feeling so confident and informed about every step I needed to take to perform great work. Can't thank you enough, the whole team was amazing.


Sahel is very friendly, provides great customer service, and professional in all aspects of beauty, particularly semi permanent make up

(cosmetic tattooing ) She always does a great job on me, Always happy with her work and leaving her salon with a big smile on my face. Highly recommended for all your beauty needs. Thank you Sahel for always looking after me and for your perfection!


Saleh always looks after you, amazing results and great service always makes you feel welcomed and comfortable at all times.


Possibly the rudest customer service I have ever experienced !! Will tell everyone to never go here ! I was completely decent and kind asking for a refund of my botched eyebrows tattoo so I could pay for the laser removal I had to get because another professional said they could not be repaired without having thick as hell eyebrows that would look ridiculous to try and even them out. Sahel was so aggressive towards me and didn't take responsibility and then blocked me and anyone else who left bad reviews on her Facebook. Absolutely disgusted by her handling of this situation !

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