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Revive Clinics

Revive Clinics is Australia’s leading PRP Hair & Skin Treatment Clinic in Sydney. Our Clinics provide a large range of services like Cosmetic Injectables, Vampire facials, PRP hair growth, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, Plasma Wave fibroblast

Revive Clinics

NameRevive Clinics
Address5/71-83 Asquith St, Silverwater NSW 2128
Phone(02) 9748 2770
HoursSunday: Closed
Monday: 10AM–4PM
Tuesday: 10AM–4PM
Wednesday: 10AM–4PM
Thursday: 10AM–7PM
Friday: 10AM–4PM
Saturday: 10AM–4PM

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Great staff very friendly and helpful, highly recommended, great results!


I've been going to Revive Clinic to have PRP treatments for my thinning hair for 2+ years now. Due to having PCOS, my hair started to shed in my 20s. My self esteem plummeted. I tried every treatment possible (laser therapy, topical treatments, silica tablets, collagen, oil baths.. you name it, i've tried it) and nothing worked. PRP treatments were the only thing that helped regrow and thicken my hair and therefore boosted my confidence significantly. I will continue getting PRP treatments as the results speak for themself. Rodi and the girls at Revive Clinic have been nothing but amazing, knowledgeable and professional and I highly recommend them.


Definitely recommend Revive clinics. Rodi is fantastic to deal with, makes you feel comfortable and is very experienced. He explains all his treatments thoroughly and all the benefits and possible side effects (if any, but never has been). Ensures you are taking the treatment well and continuously interacts with you whilst doing procedures which makes the session go very quick and completely painless.

Compared to other clinics Revive clinic doesn’t force/ push you into spending money on treatments that aren’t necessary. They are straight forward and will tell you if you do not need to do something and if it is a waste of money. Great service. Will be continuing my procedures here.


This place is amazing!!

A big thank you to Rodi for everything!!

I didn’t have high hopes to get my desired results. Rodi you know so well that I hate my hollow and dark under eyes but after your recommendation and Dr Charles’ expert treatment my eyes look so much better!!

I wasn’t expecting all those injections to be painless and comfortable And I definitely didn’t expect to get quick and natural results.

I miss working with you all, Although it was great being the client this time!😉

A big Thank you to Kristine and Alana for putting up with my limited schedule and for still making me feel like one of the team💖💖

I highly recommend this place and not just for treatments as they are available everywhere but for honest advise and caring staff who make the experience worth coming back for!


Alanna explained everything thoroughly to me so I could make an informed decision before I began my treatment . After having several treatments I could not be happier. Alanna took my blood, professionally and gently and treated me kindly and with respect, and I have been to other clinics that were not this friendly or experienced. Thank you for all you do and I will see you for my next treatment ! :)


I have been attending to Revive Clinics since November 2018, i continue to speak very highly of the staff and the treatments i have had. I have been suffering from hair loss for the past 5 years and since attending Revive and undergoing continuous Hair PRP treatments i no longer have hair shedding. They have made me feel very comfortable and welcome at every appointment.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again.


I just want to tell you I am very exciting as my hair is very silky and there is mostly no losing after hair PRP treatment.


I never would have considered having someone work on my face like this before I met and spoke to Alanna at Revive Clinics. She made me feel comfortable and shared her extensive knowledge of procedures, her recommendations and products. The customer service she provided was outstanding and much better than any other clinic I’ve spoken too before. I have recommended her and the clinic to several people I know and would definitely book in again only for Alanna’s service.


I visited this place for some

Cosmetic work and the nurses and staff were so friendly and professional. They recommended rectification work to my existing lips so that I can get the desired look that I was after and they turned out beautifully. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to start their cosmetic journey!



I can't thank you guys enough!!! From day one you have been understanding and have explained the treatments and have helped me achieve what's realistic. The Nurses are very gentle with blood collecting and made me feel very comfortable. I will continue my treatments with you coming into the new year.

High recommend.

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