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💫 Despite age and gender, beauty and wellness are always the first and foremost priorities at La Belle Beauty Parramatta .Our professional and dedicated team,with advanced technologies and a wide range of treatments care committed to help and support you throughout the exciting journey to your aesthetic goals .We are confident to be the beauty clinic& cosmetics that helps you “ ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTY “ 💫 Come to La Belle beauty to feel the dedication and outstanding service in every detail .And let’s share all the problems that are bothering you on your brows or skin.We will bring you the optimal solutions to 💖ENHANCE YOUR BEAUTY 💖

La Belle Health & Beauty

NameLa Belle Health & Beauty
AddressMayfair Plaza, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone0466 337 979
HoursSunday: Closed
Monday: 9:30AM–5:29PM
Tuesday: 9:30AM–5:29PM
Wednesday: 9:30AM–5:29PM
Thursday: 9:30AM–7PM
Friday: 9:30AM–5:29PM
Saturday: 9:30AM–5:29PM

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I had just moved to Parramatta so thought I'd give these guys a try. Despite having had acrylic nails for over 20 years and being very happy the owner talked me into much more expensive SNS nails by telling me that SNS was so much stronger and would last longer. But my 2nd fortnight within a week 1 nail had completely come off and 3 others had lifted. I went back to express my disappointment but the owner insisted she had "told me from the very start that SNS would not last as long" and that acrylic was stronger. I argued that this was NOT what I was told and wanted my nails fixed by the owner insisted it was my fault and the best she could do was a whole new set for $70. I decided to take my business back to Professionail where I'd always had excellent service. That's where I found out this salon cut corners doing the infill and didn't soak 1st set off as they should have, hence the nails were too thick & lifted......DO NOT RECOMMEND

UPDATE TO OWNERS REPLY didn't really think thru that response did you? So......your saying that after having acrylic nails for 20 years I came to you & said "I'm allergic"?????? Allergic to what? If your going to lie at least make it believable. The truth is you cut corners to save money. You should have soaked the SNS off, all you did was file them down a bit......didn't soak AT ALL - hence they were too thick & lifted.


Thank you Tiffany for taking the time to make my nails look amazing

You really went above and beyond what any other salon has ever done for me

with no rushing and such attention to detail.

Thank you again and I will be back in a few weeks and look.forward to trying all your other services .

Vanessa Torre

. Services:   Pedicures ,  Manicures


1 star for delivering unsolicited advertising material to my No Junk labelled letterbox.


As I work in Parramatta La Belle is handy. Nails and Brows were excellent but leave more time than they suggest.


I am very fond of getting my nails done. I have been disappointed by so many other parlours. But Tiffany made me feel that my nails can look good too! She does a fab job. She takes time to deliver the best. I have never seen them hurrying up with their clients. Tiffany is my go-to nail artist. She's friendly and she knows her job well.


Had sns nails and manicure done here - so happy with my nails! Great job and recommended!


I had my brows microbladed here a year ago by a student. The owner walked in at the end when the student was almost finished and said "omg stop, stop! I'll fix it, I'll fix it". I then booked in for a touch-up two weeks after and the owner made me wait 2.5 hours. I was not warned there would be a delay, I was not told how long the delay might be once I got there, I was just told to sit in the waiting room. When I was eventually seen almost 3 hours after my appointment time, I was barely even offered an apology, just told that it had been a crazy day and she needed to fit in an emergency brow appointment? I'm not sure there is such thing as an emergency microblading appointment, just simply having no regard for paying customers who have made appointments. A year later I asked how much it would be to have another touch up, telling them the specific date I attended last time. They replied it would be $150 and I tried to book in immediately but no one answered the phone on any attempt or would return calls when I left voice messages. Eventually I got in contact but was told the price was now $200. I paid the $50 deposit and on the day of the appointment I called up saying I'm so sorry but got the time wrong and was going to be late, could I still be squeezed in or can I make an appointment for another day. I was just told "You lost $50" and I said I know and I'm very sorry for the mistake but would appreciate some flexibility and understanding because 1) it was a mistake 2) I want to be a returning/loyal customer and most importantly 3) explained my experience last time where I had to wait almost 3 hours when I did have an appointment so surely you can book me in again and not make me pay another $50 deposit. The staff on the phone are always so rude and the level of professionalism is shocking. I could barely speak as they kept cutting me off and just yelling "Not my problem!".

Edit in response to the owner's reply:

1. I am aware I booked to be a model for training and was happy with Mya's work. What I am commenting on is your professionalism, to walk into the room after the procedure has well and truly commenced and start exclaiming "omg stop! I'll fix it I'll fix it". The professionalism is what needs work.

2. I got my brows done for the first time by La Belle on the 29th of June 2019 as model and then had my touch-up booked for 11:30am the 14th of August 2019 with the owner. This is when I was made to wait 2.5 hours. I'm really surprised that you would bother to respond to negative feedback with blatant lies. It has absolutely not been 3 years, it had been 1 year and 3 months between appointments. I have not booked in several times either, I was hoping to return this year for a touch-up after having my brows done once before in mid-late 2019 which included the initial microblading + touch-up soon afterwards as required.

3. As I explained on the phone several times, I called to say I'm incredibly sorry but I had entered the appointment time incorrectly in my calendar. I was extremely polite and apologetic, saying I could come at any time in the day that suited you if possible or would rebook for another day. The response I received was incredibly rude, stating "be here 9:30 or you lose $50". I had to constantly repeat myself saying I would love to be there 9:30 but as I mentioned, it's physically impossible because I made a mistake. I can leave my house right now but still won't be there in time. The only response I continued to receive was "not my problem". At this point I asked several times if I could speak with the owner. The person just hung up the phone instead. Following this I messaged you on Instagram to try get in contact. The message was seen but not responded to. I later posted this review and it was only once you saw the negative feedback publicly that you responded (incredibly rudely). I'm again surprised that you would blatantly lie in your response, as your staff were not in contact the day prior to confirm my booking. This has never happened on any bookings.


Staff was incredibly helpful and professional. Katie and her trainees are incredibly meticulous to their work and will work to get the best brow shape for your face/structure. The eyebrow microblading/ombre tattoo process was painless as they continuously applied numbing cream when appropriate and checked in frequently to see how I was going.

I'm still undergoing the healing process, however I am extremely happy with the results and shape!! They captured exactly what I wanted. Great job La Belle Staff.


she is a life saver. She fixed my eyelash extensions that's been messed up by other lashes place. She is very accommodating and very understanding. The rest of the girls also very. I will definitely come back to do my lashes and other services that they offer.


It was my first time at this place and I was surprised by how professional they are .I love my lashes because (TIFFANY) one of the staff member made sure that I was happy with the result and I sure did .I LOVE IT AND THIS IS MY GO TO PLACE FROM NOW ON SO thank you Tiffany,you’re amazing and keep up the great work !🤩🤩

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