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Glamour Nails & Foot Spa Morayfield

Glamour Nails & Foot Spa Morayfield

NameGlamour Nails & Foot Spa Morayfield
AddressMorayfield QLD 4506
HoursSunday: 10AM–4PM
Monday: 9AM–5:30PM
Tuesday: 9AM–5:30PM
Wednesday: 9AM–5:30PM
Thursday: 9AM–9PM
Friday: 9AM–5:30PM
Saturday: 9AM–5PM

Map of Glamour Nails & Foot Spa Morayfield

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1st and last time i will visit.

My experience wasn't good.


It was quick and easy


I will never go here again , the guy was so distracted the whole time wasn't even looking at my nails , then they kept telling me different prices.... my friend was bleeding because he cut her skin... I left ther very unsatisfied , and two days later I was already losing my nails. I think the people there weren't that nice they didn't make conversation at all


In the middle of this pandemic the guy in charge sneezes through his mask & I feel the spray all over my leg then I see this same guy wipe the gunk out of the inside of his mask onto his shirt! No hand gel or wash then he proceeds to put his hand into the customer chocolate dish & eats a chocolate & continues to spread his germs around the rest of the store!!!


Possibly worst experience ever .. rude rude tell you wrong price , unclean , use equipment without cleaning one person to another .. , when you dispute what your originaly told they tell you to go somewhere else , no communication, no service here !!

Save yourself the trouble and pay your $50 bucks for a nice experience.. oh and cause it’s morayfeild .. also got some Ferrell woman that walked in without knowing anything , threaten to take me out in the car park .. just wanted to pay get the hell out if there ..


My sister and myself always come here to get our pedicures and always receive the best service from the lovely staff here, wouldn’t go anywhere else :) Service:   Pedicures


Always friendly staff and I love getting my pedicures here. Always great quality. Sometimes can take a very long time though... most recent was 1.5hrs for a pedicure with normal nail polish (not including any wait time).


Beautiful colour took their time were done very well


Been their twice. The first time was good.

The second time horrible. I had the nail polish buffed off my nails, shaped and clear polish applied. He buffed my nails so fast and hard it ripped my nails. Didn't shape them right and there were hang nails. The clear polish was applied once and it's all tacky. I paid $20 for something I could have done better myself. I feel ripped off. Will not be returning.

He's lost three customers from this.


Got a full set of acrylic infills with shellac 2 weeks ago - loved the final outcome, great shape & reasonably priced, however several of them have already come off! My usual salon provides a set of nails that last 4 weeks or more! Safe to say I won’t be going back, which is a shame because they looked beautiful :(

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