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Brazilian Butterfly Hampton

Brazilian Butterfly Hampton

NameBrazilian Butterfly Hampton
Address259 Hampton St, Hampton VIC 3188
Phone(03) 9521 8777
HoursSunday: Closed
Monday: 9AM–5:30PM
Tuesday: 9AM–5:30PM
Wednesday: 9AM–9PM
Thursday: 9AM–9PM
Friday: 9AM–7PM
Saturday: 9AM–5:30PM

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I am so disappointed.

I've been a customer of Brazilian Butterfly Hampton for years and generally happy.

I had to reschedule my booking twice this month because life got in the way.

They explained they needed 24 hours notice in the future and I respect that. I get it but I got a very long winded explanation about their business which I didn't think was something I needed to get involved with.

The day before my next appointment, I get a phonecall from Julie, the owner, while I'm at work asking for a $20 deposit for my appointment the next day. I wasn't able to at that time. Julie, said I could pay her when I got home after work that night which was really strange. I explained I don't get home until 6.30pm and would try. I got home, got dinner for the family and usual after work activities and didn't get a chance to call her.

Next morning, two hours before my appointment, Julie calls me demanding to know why I didn't call her to pay the deposit like I said I would at 6.30pm the night before. I was going to be there literally in two hours. She went on to scold me how I'd canceled my last appointment and she has a business to run.

I got it the first time on the phone when I cancelled. I got it the second time when she rang me at work wanting money up front and now a third phone call demanding money and scolding me.

This was out of control.

For YEARS I've been going there. Years. In one month, I had to cancel and now I get harassed.

not on Julie


The team at BB Hampton are fantastic. I was a little unsure before walking in (my nervousness), but the professional and friendly staff at BB put me at ease quickly. Very happy with their work, their service, their helpfulness and their clean and welcoming workplace.

Would go back again - very happy with the results. Services:   Tanning ,  Body Waxing


I had a spray tan at BB Hampton last Dec for a wedding and it was really good. Very professional and the colour looked natural.


I had a waxing emergency and they squeezed me in last minute. They were very pleasant and professional about it. They worked quickly which also meant it was pretty painless. They did double check what I had wanted and what my allergies were before applying any wax. Which I wish more places would do.

I don't know what proceedures the other rewiers had but I found their waxing service wonderful.

Have a lovely day.


My friend was so devastated that they did not comply with her wishes. I’m not sure what’s so hard about giving the customer what they want...they’re playing. Please improve this in the future to avoid future reviews like this


Would definitely not recommend- I made it very clear what I wanted multiple times and they purposely decided they would go with something else- even after letting them know during they still continued and ignored all of my concerns and wants. How is it that I am the one paying and yet when I ask for a particular option they choose another behind my back?

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