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Enviro Care Car Wash

Touch less wash bay’s blow dry doesn’t work when the driver side arm is still spraying water… waste of money! And I can’t even find anyway to contact the company on the web to fix it!

Nhut Tam Lunch Bar

Worst Service EVER!!.. Ordered a simple Fish Burger and waited over half an hour for it!!! The people running this have NO idea about processing orders...

Totally haphazard running.... The food was only average when it turned up.... Definately not worth the very long wait..

I'm never going back and would not recommend to my friends.

One star rating is tooooo good for them.

Shellharbour City Art Society

Updated website is

Ultra Shine Pakenham

Machine broke and when We drove through and rollers got caught on ladders and conduit on the roof rack.

First 60 seconds of soaping was very thorough

Harbour Bakery

Love this little place. For myself,the pies and pasties are the best. The cornish pasties are nice and peppery, though not overdone I think. A casual ambience and just lovely produce..


Whenever I'm in the vicinity, I love to cruise in.

Looking forward to next time.


Grant Guldbransen Plumber

This plumber is a shyster, he entered our home on our request to assist with a possible roof leek as there appeared to be ingress in the corner of our sitting room. He charged $80 for a look. Next thing we know he was trying to talk us into a new smaller hot water solar tank, (which by the way is in perfect order), not knowing that we have a larger family. We further asked if he could check our water pressure to our home which is managed by a post entry control valve. He informed us that the control valve was faulty and should be replaced. Unbeknownst to us he opened the water meter entry, adjusted the flow closed and the meter entry area. He then filled in the post entry valve area and deleted the requirement for the post entry valve, charging us for a new post entry valve without consultation. Criminal !

He then helped himself to our facilities without even asking. After his departure we found the tap outside was pouring out water as if the tap was on. His counterpart, was certainly aware, yet left it running. $500 later we realized we had been shafted. We are just recovering after the shock of loosing our eldest son in a tragic accident 3 weeks ago, this was the last straw. Be warned this man prays on the elderly and vulnerable.

Safari Digital SEO Agency

Not reliable

AA Wallan Outbound

Served 18/06/22 at 8:21 am at Till 461

I particularly questioned the operator if my QFF card had recorded. he assured me it had, but on checking my QFF login I find that it did not.

Dishonest or lazy employee, or is this the usual practice of this establishment?

Allen Feore

Maylands IGA

Way to overpriced coles and woolies are far more cheaper with more variety to choose from.

Platinum Florals

My family from Sydney arranged for flowers for Mum in a care home in Morayfield, they were magnificent and arrived the Wednesday before Mother's Day most are still okay but coming to their end. Thank you so very to much for such fresh and beautiful arrangement.

Brazilian Butterfly Hampton

I am so disappointed.

I've been a customer of Brazilian Butterfly Hampton for years and generally happy.

I had to reschedule my booking twice this month because life got in the way.

They explained they needed 24 hours notice in the future and I respect that. I get it but I got a very long winded explanation about their business which I didn't think was something I needed to get involved with.

The day before my next appointment, I get a phonecall from Julie, the owner, while I'm at work asking for a $20 deposit for my appointment the next day. I wasn't able to at that time. Julie, said I could pay her when I got home after work that night which was really strange. I explained I don't get home until 6.30pm and would try. I got home, got dinner for the family and usual after work activities and didn't get a chance to call her.

Next morning, two hours before my appointment, Julie calls me demanding to know why I didn't call her to pay the deposit like I said I would at 6.30pm the night before. I was going to be there literally in two hours. She went on to scold me how I'd canceled my last appointment and she has a business to run.

I got it the first time on the phone when I cancelled. I got it the second time when she rang me at work wanting money up front and now a third phone call demanding money and scolding me.

This was out of control.

For YEARS I've been going there. Years. In one month, I had to cancel and now I get harassed.

not on Julie

Built-Lika Customs

Uses his workers till they are dead tired. Heartless,only in it for money. Not registered to charge gst. Charming conman . Pfft. Not who you think he or his personal contacts are. Goes on variety bash qld. Don't go with or sponsor car 1626. You'll end up mental

Grace Beauty and Threading

DONT GO HERE! Went here yesterday and got my eyebrows threaded and tinted, which they upsold me to henna, stating it lasted longer.. specifically said to the staff i did not want my eyebrows too dark, as never used henna before, I was hesitant.. she asked if a medium brown was good.. I said yes as my hair is blonde... she put the applicator on my brows and it was black! Hoping it wouldn't stay that way but it did.. I was embarrassed to go shopping afterwards and just wanted to cry! have washed several times over and nothing gets it off. Have to bleach or wait for it to now grow out!!! Not worth $55 for something I now have to spent more money on to fix!

1st choice towing & salvage pty ltd

Hi! Got a problem on Towing your car? Hassle No More!

We offer a 24/7 Emergency Towing Sydney carrier. We are continually simply available to provide you with the carrier you want and maybe with you after an easy phone call. We continuously provide an unrivalled degree of professionalism and dependability – even if you need our Towing Service overdue at night time or in the early hours of the morning.

Please visit our website for more info. or

Greenhill Enterprise Centre

The address of Greenhill Enterprise Centre is 28 University Drive, NOT 1 University Drive.


Great service!!! Just had a haircut this morning and it looks so good. Well done.


Would give 0 stars no way use without a card but they charge 25 cents for you to use your card

French tutor

I started learning French with Roxane three and a half years ago when I was in year 9 from scratch as a hobby. Roxane is a great teacher and takes care in her lessons so much so that I was able to complete the French Continuers and French extension HSC course in year 11 and twelve and achieved a band 6 in French continuers for the HSC. Without Roxane, this would not have been possible as I did not take French as a school subject in year 9 and 10. Lessons with Roxane are always fun as she cares about the material she teaches and tailors it to each student which helps ignite a passion for French!

Central Beauty Nail &Spa

Good service

Nice staff

Amazing job

Love your guys 🍎❤️

Central Beauty Nail &Spa


Good service

Nice staff

Amazing job

Love your guys